Grove Networks is officially an Intel ITP Gold Partner

As the top-ranked Managed Services Provider in Miami (and the fifth-ranked in Florida)1, Grove Networks uses PCs featuring Intel vPro technology in conjunction with their existing management console software to reduce PC repair times by 50% and cut deskside visits in half2


Due to joining this new superior tier of partnership with Intel, Andrew Judge, Grove Networks' CEO, shares why this technology is important to the success of businessess:

Intel® vPro™ technology-based PCs are your standard recommendation. Why?
“A standardized customer infrastructure is key to both customer productivity and cost savings. That’s why we have a standardized line card of options that our customers can choose from. There are only a few PC options on it, and they are all vPro-based systems. Intel vPro technology allows us to maximize our customers’ IT experience and drive down their total cost of ownership at the same time.”

50% reduction in PC repair times
“vPro’s remote capabilities allow us to diagnose a problem remotely and often fix the problem without a site visit. Anything that stops us from having to go into the field is going to save our clients time and money. And even if we do have to go out for, say, a hardware repair, knowing what’s wrong before we get to the customer site makes us much more efficient. With vPro-based PCs, our average repair time goes from two hours to one hour.”

Increased productivity for customers
“Our customers, who are savvy business owners, care about increases in productivity and functionality – that’s why they rely on us over the competition. Because vPro-based PCs allow us to solve issues faster (and avoid hardware problems), we are able to deliver this core value to our customers.”

Why HP vPro-based PCs?
“The value we deliver to our customers is all about their productivity and functionality: HP’s vPro-based PCs help us increase both. They’re rock solid and work all the time. HP’s support is great but, frankly, we don’t use HP for their support – we use HP because we don’t have to call HP Support very often. In addition, HP gives us a great end-to-end solution, including desktops, laptops, servers, switches, and WiFi, all with guaranteed interoperability and no blind spots.”

Why LabTech’s remote monitoring and management (RMM) console software?
“We looked at a number of RMM options before selecting LabTech. LabTech’s functionality is strong – their integration of Intel vPro technology is a great example of that. Plus, LabTech’s integration into our ticketing and reporting software greatly increases our efficiency and ability to measure and manage our customers’ IT systems.”

1 Source: MSPmentor 501: 2015 Global Edition -- Worldwide Company Rankings
2 Source: field testing by Grove Networks during March 2015.

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